Gizmojo sells certified Pre-owned devices. Currently we’re selling smart phones. We will be launching laptops/tablets etc on our website soon!
All phones sold on Gizmojo are certified to look and function like new by a specialized third-party refurbisher. Each device is assured of having passed through an exhaustive process as follows-
  • 50+ tests for 100% functionality check
  • Replacement of any defective parts
  • Thorough cleaning & polishing
  • 6 month replacement warranty on the preowned phones
  • No visible cosmetic imperfections when held 12 inches away
  • Repackaging with Accessories- generic charger & hands-free included.
  • Genuine procurement from certified users

Our sellers maintain high quality and performance standards for certifying devices for reselling. So go ahead & buy Gizmojo devices carefree!
Gizmojo sells two kinds of products at the moment-
  • Certified Preowned (CPO) - These are certified by Gizmojo’s rigorous 50 points test. These come with a 6 month warranty backed by Gizmojo. These can be identified by a suffix CPO to the product display name.
  • Unboxed (UBX)- These are brand new phones which have been opened by customers & subsequently returned without usage immediately after purchase. The carry the same warranty as new phones. These can be identified by a suffix UBX to the product display name

Whichever type you choose, all Gizmojo phones will function like new!
Please refer to this link
  • While browsing products on our website from your smart phone, make sure the “I want to exchange my phone” option is checked.
  • Enter the IMEI of the phone you want to exchange, your mobile number followed by the OTP & make the payment if necessary.
  • Our field executive will collect your phone & hand over your Gizmojo purchase at the same time  No multiple time consuming visits!

(Just make sure you’ve done a data backup & a master reset for your device before handing it over)
We have very few requirements for accepting phones in exchange; you won’t get a fairer value anywhere else! Whether your phone is scratched or dented, we take them all as long as:
  • Your phone powers on
  • Your phone brand & model are detected by our website. For this, all you have to do is visit from the web browser of whichever device you want to exchange.
    You cannot exchange one device using any other device
  • The IMEI number provided by you at the time of order should match the IMEI of the product at the time of delivery. We will not be accepting any other device.
What makes Gizmojo unique is that we do not differentiate products into categories like used- well used, fair- excellent etc. As long as the phone powers on, we offer the best exchange price for the model in the market irrespective of how it looks.
We prefer you give your original accessories, but no worries! You can just hand over your device to our field executive.
Sorry, we accept only one device in return against each transaction
Our unique feature is that our pick up & delivery happen at the same time. Hence we accept only single address as shipping address.
The price displayed if you’ve selected the “I want to exchange my phone” is the price you have to pay for the selected device in exchange of your phone. If you uncheck this box, you will see the full price at which we are selling the selected Gizmojo device.

All prices displayed are inclusive of taxes & shipping is free!

Please make sure that all the data from your device being exchanged is backed up & deleted before handing over. You may also remove your SIM & memory card. Gizmojo will not be responsible for any misuse as a result.

Incase of Apple devices, please also make sure that the iCloud on your device is unlocked.

No, any one can be provided. However at the time of handing over the phone, please show the same IMEI to our field executive for verification.
Ofcourse you can! All you have to do is uncheck the “I want to exchange my phone” check box.
Sorry, at this moment, we do not have that feature.
IMEI number is to authenticate the device being put up for exchange is the same as what was detected so that the price of exchange is fair.
You can call *#06# from your phone being exchanged to find out your IMEI. You can dial directly by long pressing this number mentioned below the “Enter IMEI Number” box.
Please make sure you enter a valid IMEI number. Incase of an error, the order would have to be placed again with the correct IMEI.

If at the time of collecting your device, it is found that the IMEI number does not match the one entered by you while purchasing, our field executive will not be able to collect your device & give the one ordered. The transaction will get cancelled.

You will get a new generic charger & hands-free with your Gizmojo preowned device.

The unboxed phones come with original accessories as supplied by the brand.

Subscribe Now is a Gizmojo feature which enables you to purchase without having to pay the entire amount upfront. The payment is broken down into 6 equal instalments, which makes it easier on the pocket.(Bank charges for EMI will apply).

What’s more- At the end of the 6 month period, you can upgrade again by continuing your subscription and exchange your existing Gizmojo phone... Best way to #staycurrent, we tell you!

The subscription option is given for a minimum transaction value of Rs. 3000. Where the value is less than this, only the upfront payment option is available.
Yes, you can do so. However, you are still liable to complete the payment for your ongoing subscription. The new subscription payment will be a separate transaction

You can browse our collection from the desktop & buy from there. However, if you want to exchange your device, you have to access from your mobile which you want to exchange.
We have an expansive collection of devices. However if unfortunately such an event arises, we will not be able to exchange your device. You can still browse through our selection & buy any device which you like without an exchange. If you choose to write to us at we will try to get an exchange offer for you.
Sorry, but your device seems to be very unique, and unfortunately we will not be able to accept it. You can still browse through our selection & buy any device which you like without an exchange. If you choose to write to us about the same, we will try & include your device in our database.

Shipping & delivery

You can track it under “My orders” section in your profile
Gizmojo delivers for FREE. We believe in customer delight. The shipping charges for your pickup & delivery are completely borne by us, no matter your value of transaction or pincode.
Currently we are servicing limited pincodes within India. But our serviced pincodes list is rapidly expanding 
Sorry, at this moment, we are only accepting orders within India.


After selecting your products-

If you choose to buy upfront- you can either pay online using Credit/Debit card/ Netbanking or opt for CoD. (Please note that CoD payment option maybe temporarily disabled for some areas/ transactions)

If you choose the Subscribe Now option, you get the EMI option to pay equally over 6 months.

We expect to delight you with our products & service. We will aim to not let the need for a refund arise!

Refund will, nonetheless, be provided for timely order cancellation, returns or if the transaction fails for any reason including IMEI number mismatch

Refer to the Returns and Cancellation policy page.

Any refund owed to you by Gizmojo should get completed in a reasonable time frame, usually around 2 weeks or lesser.
Sorry, but we do not accepting International Debit/Credit cards
In the rare situation that this happens, you can contact our customer care and we will make sure it the payment gets accepted against your order or refund the amount.
Too bad, we can only let you use single mode of payment for one transaction.

Cancellation, Returns & Warranty

If your order has not been processed, you can still cancel your order. However, once it has been processed, we do not accept cancellations
We have a 48 hrs easy-return policy. Refer Returns & cancellation page for details. Beyond 48 hrs after delivery, we can only replace your product for functional issues. No replacement will be provided for cosmetic reasons.

Please note that the images on the website are representative of the model, while the actual phone being shipped to you is a preowned device. Observed very closely, it may not match the appearance of a brand new phone (However product is physically indistinguishable from a new product of similar make & model to the naked eye when held 12 inches away)

Sorry, but your old phone cannot be shipped back to you. (Refund amount will be equal to the amount paid by you plus the buy-back price of your phone as mentioned in our invoice.)
Warranty covers functional aspects only like-
  • Phone switching on & off correctly
  • Volume buttons
  • Wifi, Bluetooth
  • Camera & flash (front & back both, wherever applicable)
  • Mic & Speaker
  • Charging & audio jack port

Accidental/water damage caused after the phone is in usage is not covered by us. We encourage you to use the device extensively on receiving it to make sure its features are working fine.

Also if you’re initiating product replacement under warranty, we will try to replace exactly, but if the same colour/variant is not available, we may have to send you another one.

You can reach out to us on +91 22 6708 6158 or via mail at-

Under the My orders section on the Gizmojo page, you can select your order with which you have an issue & report it from the link there as well.

The panel of sellers with Gizmojo provide the warranty enabled by Gizmojo. We take full responsibility to bring you the best after sales service in case things go wrong!
Since we provide a replacement warranty only, we cannot provide you a post warranty period service.
Sorry, but this option is currently not available.