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Even though it means more bang for your buck, the term ‘refurbished’ still raises more eyebrows than confidence. The very common doubts that stir up in the buyers head are “Am I buying someone’s hand-me-down gadget with a few new parts thrown in?” “Will the software on my refurbished smartphone be out-of-date?” “Is the battery of a refurbished phone less than adequate?” 

 Fortunately, your worries will come to an end here, as we answer these and other such questions related to refurbished products in this section of our blog. You will also get to understand the entire process of how these phones are sourced, what is carried out in the process of refurbishing and where and how to buy your next phone from? 

What is “refurbished”?

As the name suggests, a refurbished phone is a phone that undergoes a complete overhaul to give itself a new lease of life. 

These phones are devices traded-in by customers that are sent to our trusted refurbishing partners. They are restored to original working condition by rectifying their hardware and software aspects. Only hand-picked units are refurbished in order to maintain the highest standards of quality for our buyers. The devices are as functional as the new units and only have a few signs of minimal prior usage. 

We at Gizmojo offer refurbished phones in just about all the market leading brands like – Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Xiaomi and more. What’s more, you may trade-in your phone and avail buy-back discounts on gizmojo.

What is the difference between Gizmojo’s “Refurbished” and “Certified Pre-owned” products?

The Gizmojo Product Packaging on refurbished phones is often labelled as either “Refurbished” or “Certified Pre-owned” irrespective of that labelling there is no other difference in the process these products reach their sale stage. All our products go through the same stages and are handled by the same set of skilled technicians. They are also all covered under the same limited warranty package.

Where do refurbished products come from? Our Sourcing for Refurbished products at Gizmojo originates from varies entities such as:

Trade-in Phones: Phones which our customers send in as exchanges/buybacks while buying new ones. 

Returns and Cancellations – Fully Functional Devices being sold on e-Commerce websites are sometimes returned opened due to some reasons but are rendered second hand on their very outset and therefore cannot be sold again as new.

Overstocks – Older unsold items that are returned by sellers to make way for fresh stocks. – Demo Products – Products that are on demo/display in showrooms that are barely used are also a great source for discounted deals.

What is Gizmojo’s refurbishment process?

 Our Refurbishing Process Guidelines at Gizmojo Partner Workshops is the same that would be for manufacturing and testing of products at the brands assembly plants. Each Device is aimed to be restored to its original performance and condition both in terms of hardware and software. All units are thoroughly checked and broken/missing parts are repaired/replaced as per requirement. After the primary restoration is done, all units are tested for performance and then sent for final cleaning and assembly. After which they are re-packed and assigned a fresh part number. On the software forefront, skilled engineers validate that the devices are running on the latest firmware and operating system available for that model. The phones are reformatted and re-imaged to make sure no old data is intact and that privacy of the previous users is not at any risk. 

If you are already curious to know where could you strike your next best deal for a refurbished phone or make some extra cash out of the old devices lying around your house, then well worry not because Gizmojo is at your service, we are specifically in to buying old phones and selling of trusted, verified refurbished phones. We assure you the best value for your stock at our portal and our transparency and ease of operations will leave you satisfied all the time. Don’t wait, head straight to and explore your next best deals!

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