Are you still purchasing phones? Be smart and Trade-in.

Almost everybody owns a cellphone of which the maximum percentage would be owning a smartphone. It has been predicted that with people upgrading their phones on an average of 18 months, it means that lots of cellphones. Whether you toss your old cell to the back of a cupboard or put it in a box that will soon be making its way to the drawer, you should think twice before doing so.

With that said, we have decided to dedicate this blog post to all those phones out there that have been turned off and discarded. To avoid the above scenario, people should start trading-in their cellphones for their own benefit and for their old cell phones.

Now, you may be wondering what is the concept of Trade-in of mobiles? Allow us to explain this concept to you.

Trade-in is a way of making your old phone work for you. It’s a great process by which you can give away your old, working phone for credit toward the purchase of a refurbished (as good as new)mobile phone.

You can trade in your phone at a store or online and apply your trade-in credit toward a refurbished mobile. It’s a great way to upgrade your phone. Rather than buying devices for one life and disposing them off in landfills, trade-in helps extend the lives of mobile devices while also recycling materials accordingly. Put your old phone to work and trade-in with a refurbished phone.

In India, the concept is still relatively new. is one of the pioneers of this concept to Indian consumers whereby they can upgrade their mobile at a fraction of the actual phone cost.